Cookie Audits

There is an increasing expectation of transparency around the use of cookies and online tracking on websites. The EU cookie laws require websites to declare how they use cookies in detail, but many sites that don’t need to comply with those rules are also seeking to provide explanations to visitors about the use of cookies.

Our audit technology scans your website, captures information on all the cookies it finds, then compares them against our knowledge base to identify their purpose using an industry standard classification system.

Your audit reports then show you which pages of your site set which cookies, and include details of all attributes of each cookie, including the stored values.

You can share the results of audits with your visitors using our dynamic cookie policy tag and make it the basis for a cookie consent process in EU sites. You can also use the data internally to inform and audit your internal policies on the use of trackers in your web estate, as part of your wider digital governance strategy.

The cookie audit tool can scan multiple domains and hundreds of pages in a matter of minutes, catering for organisations with hundreds of web sites, or just one.

Sample Cookie Output Report