Website Auditor

auditor-services-auditsThe Optanon Website Auditor is powerful spidering engine for reporting on the use of cookies and other elements in your website that can expose your visitors to privacy risks.  It is a vital tool for maintaining compliance with the EU Cookie Directive and a key element of any digital governance programme.

Cookie Audit Summary
Cookie Audit Summary

With exclusive access to the extensive knowledge base powering Cookiepedia, the Optanon Auditor  Cookie Report goes way beyond a simple list of cookie names. It provides detailed information about the companies and technologies setting those cookies and identifies their purpose based on an industry standard classification. On most websites it can do this completely automatically for 90% or more of the cookies found. The rest of them can be quickly identifed by our experienced research team.

Our detailed reports also enable you to drill down to see which cookies were set on which pages, as well as the values stored within them, which is very important in figuring out what they do, how they got there, and what the privacy implications might be.

Taking advantage of the power of the cloud, the Optanon Website Auditor can scan whole domains in a matter of minutes, and is scalable enough to handle a portfolio of hundreds of websites within hours.

Beyond Cookies

However, we also go way beyond cookies.  The Auditor also identifies HTML5 local storage, third party tags, iframes and images, all of which can give rise to privacy issues on your site that you need to be aware of.

It can check whether or not your site appears to have a privacy policy, vital for basic legal compliance.  And it also includes a web form detector that helps to identify when your site may be obtaining personal data from visitors.  In short, everything you need to know about your site that can have an implication for online privacy and your compliance.


Licences for all of this start at £50 plus VAT per domain per year, and include functionality for both scheduled and ad-hoc re-auditing throughout the licence term. Discounts are also available for multiple licence purchases.

Try it out with a free 10-page audit now, then upgrade when you are ready.