Privacy Impact Assessments

Privacy Impact Assesments (PIAs), also known as Data Protection Impact Assessments are a key tool for any organisation looking to use personal data responsibly, manage risks and avoid expensive, and increasingly public, privacy slip-ups.

With the arrival of the EU GDPR they are also a core component of your compliance.  Carrying out a PIA and keeping a record of the decisions and outcomes will become legal requrements for many organisations.

In particular you will need to go through a PIA process whenever you:

  • start collecting new types of personal data
  • use exsiting personal data in new ways or for new purposes
  • change any systems or processes that involve the handling or manipulation of personal data

In the past these have been cumbersome exercises, difficult to organise, expensive and requiring specialist legal knowledge. At Optanon we are looking to change this.

We are building a new platform designed to speed up the process and reduce costs whilst improving the outcomes and generating the evidence required under the GDPR to show how you arrived at the decisions you made. To find out more about how we can help you, and be kept up to date with progress, please get in touch.