EU Cookie Law Compliance

All websites owned by organisations in the EU or that target EU based visitors, are required to make sure they comply with the relevant cookie laws. This means getting consent from visitors for their use – in some cases before they can be set.

In most situations this also means providing visitors with direct control over which types of cookies they want to allow. The Optanon Cookie Consent Manager module provides everything you need to put a customisable cookie notice on your site, and make sure you can comply with the rules.privacy_button

Not only do we provide you with the most flexible and scalable cookie law compliance solution available, when you buy our tools you are also buying our support and expertise to make sure you are managing your risks, complying with the law and respecting the privacy choices of your visitors.

Easy to set up and use with most web CMS systems, it is also integrated with popular tools Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. It can also be set to conform to Do Not Track requests.

The Optanon Cookie Consent Manager is an affordable, robust solution to long term compliance and also shows visitors you respect their privacy preferences, helping to build trust in your brand.