Do Not Track

Do Not Track is a browser setting that enables individuals to send a request to a website not to be tracked during their visit. Although most browsers include the setting, and increasing numbers of people are using it, there is currently no agreed or widely accepted standard for how sites should respond. As a result very few technology providers have integrated any automated response to the request into their systems.

Nevertheless, Do Not Track is a valid browser setting covered by the requirements of the EU cookie laws.  As a result website owners must decide for themselves what an appropriate response to Do Not Track requests should be, and incorporate it into their cookie consent process.

With the Optanon Cookie Consent Manager this is easy, because we have built support for Do Not Track right into our systems, so you don’t have to. All you need to do is decide what types of activity you should block when you recieve a Do Not Track request.  Our cookie consent management technology takes care of the rest.

Visitors get a notice that you are respecting their request – which helps to build trust.  In return, you can use Optanon functionality to ask them to accept an override to their default setting while they are on your site. They can therefore reciprocate your trust without changing their general privacy settings for other sites – giving you a potential advantage over your competitors.