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There is a general move towards greater transparency about the use of tracking technologies like cookies on websites. Even those that do not need to comply with the EU cookie laws are increasingly providing visitors with information about cookies either as part of their general privacy policy notices, or as stand-alone pages.

With an Optanon Cookie Policy you don’t need to become a cookie expert to give your customers clear information about your use of cookies, we take care of that for you.

Optanon provides a free Cookie Policy Generator as an add-on to the Optanon Website Auditor. Built upon  a comprehensive scan of your website and the Cookiepedia knowledge base, the Cookie Policy Generator gives you some editable text to drop into your site to explain what cookies are, and the different types you use.

Best of all, with scheduled re-audits, your cookie policy will get automatically updated whenever changes in your site’s use of cookies are detected.

We also provide an enhanced cookie policy when you licence the Optanon Cookie Consent Manager. This gives you more flexibility, including translations to support multilingual sites, greater granularity of descriptions, and custom cookie classification to explain your uses of cookies in a way that makes best sense for your brand and customers.