Cookie Consent Manager

consent-manager-services-resellerThe Optanon Cookie Consent Manager is an enterprise ePrivacy solution that enables website owners to comply with the EU cookie laws, the EU GDPR and show respect for visitor privacy preferences, including Do Not Track requests.

Cookie Consent Manager can be added to any website to provide your visitors with legally required notice and preference controls for the use of cookies and similar technologies. It comes with a flexible range of user interface options to fit a variety of design and compliance scenarios, and can also be further customised to meet your individual needs.

privacy_buttonEasy to set up, Optanon Cookie Consent Manager comes with support for five different consent models, and enables you to switch between models with just a few clicks in the online admin system – no code re-deployment required.

Supporting multi-lingual and multi-jurisdictional requirements, as well as providing the flexibility toconsent-manager2 balance risk with business objectives, Optanon Cookie Consent Manager enables you to:

  • Obtain clear consent for your cookies
  • Offer different levels of visitor control to suit your audience and markets
  • Personalise your visitors’ experience in response to their expressed preferences.

Cookie Consent Manager is a software-as-a-service solution that can be integrated into any CMS page template system. It comes with a wide range of configuration options, including built-in interoperability with Google Tag Manager and enables visitor interaction reporting through Google Analytics event tracking.

Equally importantly, your Cookie Consent Manager licence comes with full integration suppport from our team, and our commitment to ongoing development to meet the changing compliance environment.


Licences start at £345 plus VAT per site per year including support, with discounts available for bulk purchases if you have multiple domains.  This fee also includes access to the Optanon Auditor.