About Us

The Optanon® product line is owned and operated by Governor Technology, a privacy centric software buinsess. We started 15 years ago as a service driven company, building custom sites and web apps for a wide range of businesses and not-for-profit organisations.

Then back in 2010 we saw that a change was coming.  The web was growing up fast and entering ever deeper into everyday life.  Concerns about privacy and the use of personal information by organisations had been around for a long time, but the voices calling for change were becoming more insistent.  At the same time, the imminent introduction of new rules around the use of cookies in the EU were creating new compliance issues for site owners.  These needed new cost effective solutions and we saw an opportunity to help shape what those solutions would be.

We developed and released one of the first cookie law compliance services, and from that the Optanon name and product line developed. Today, the Optanon products represent the core of our business, but we have not left our service roots completely behind.

Though our products are simple to use straight off the shelf, flexibility and customisation are also at the heart of the way we deliver value to our customers. We do much more than sell licences, we support and advise our clients, providing expertise in data protection and privacy regulations to help them understand how to best make use of the tools we provide.  Through customisation of the products, and our ability to respond quickly to change, we constantly extend the range of tools we have to offer, as well as carry out bespoke development that draws on our experience in translating the requirements of the law into workable software solutions.

So if you can’t find exactly what you need, just ask.  We have several lines of development that we haven’t yet built into full fledged products, but can still help with specific problems of digital governance, and we are always looking for opportunities to solve new problems that fit with our strategic goals.

We also own and manage the Cookiepedia and Cookie Law websites, both of which are widely recognised as authoritative sources of valuable information.

Optanon is a registered trademark, protected by law.

Governor Technology Ltd is a business registered in England (company no: 04156317). Registered Office: 1 St Andrews Hill, London, EC4V 5BY, United Kingdom.